Haynes Galleries presents “Paul Harmon: Works on Paper”

FRANKLIN— Haynes Galleries is excited to present the exhibition “Paul Harmon: Works on Paper.” It features new and archival artworks from Paul Harmon, the Nashville-area painter and modern master.

“Works on Paper” explores how Harmon’s style and general aesthetic translates to the paper medium. With a mix of paint types, Harmon works in some of his usual iconography like portraits in a cubism-like style, still lifes with a bit more realism, and images of animals with a mix of naturalism and abstraction.

The artworks seem more free and instinctual but still have that telltale Harmon boldness with thick outlines and play on space and scale.

“In my work, what do I want to see? I want to see myself. I want to see myself translated. I want to see my colors and rhythms and history as images…the same natural elements that inhabit all humankind…but with the furniture sorted and arranged to my particular design.” —Paul Harmon

Presented at the gallery, “Paul Harmon: Works on Paper” can also been seen via a digital exhibition catalog. To see the show, please click here.