Haynes Galleries presents “Winter Wonderland” & Extends
“Zoey Frank: Connections & Change” and “Stories In Paint”
Features a Group of Small Vignette Shows
through January 28, 2017

NASHVILLE— The final months of 2016 and the new year are bringing a bounty of vignette shows to Haynes Galleries. The centerpiece of the celebration is “Winter Wonderland,” a group of paintings that present the winter months in all their glory and variety. With several distinct groupings, the gallery’s vignettes will explore the diversity of Realism today and the skilled artists that make the masterful works. Celebrate the season with a group of artworks that is sure to inspire long into 2017.

Whether or not Nashville gets snow this season, one can still revel in the beauty of the winter season during “Winter Wonderland.” With snow scenes by some of Tennessee’s greatest artists as well as internationally acclaimed ones, this vignette highlights the splendor and difficulty of capturing snow. Raised in Tennessee, Carl Sublett was a master watercolorist whose expressive style breathed motion and texture into each of his paintings. With just a few carefully considered light brushstrokes, his Snow White and Winter Green reveals the snow-covered ground and evergreens of a forest. Marc Dalessio’s Zagreb Snowscape takes us to a vastly different place— a blanketed town square in Old Europe. Dalessio’s application of paint is thicker, more in line with his plein air approach, resulting in a flatter image. But snow scenes aren’t just for landscapes. Holly Bedrosian’s colored pencil portrait On a Crisp Day brings all the purity of fresh snow to a tender image of a young woman. The works of “Winter Wonderland,” whether in oil, pastel, or pencil, or of grand mountain vistas or humble farms, are an escape into the season’s best.

As part of this end of year showing, the gallery is also extending “Zoey Frank: Connections & Changes.” The show of rising star Zoey Frank’s latest work has been a hit with guests for its playful imagery, bright color palettes, and Frank’s ability to portray time in her paintings.

An emphasis on narrative paintings is the focus of the vignette “Stories in Paint.” The show is comprised of paintings that tell stories through a single image. It features work by several top Realists with different aesthetics. Viewing the will be like stepping into a great book written by a great author.

Small in scale, big on impact are the works in “A Trove of Small Treasures.” This vignette will focuses on relatively smaller pieces that are still grand in their design and execution. An assortment of still lifes, portraits, and landscapes will be on view but like a jewel, the work of “A Treasure Trove of Small Treasures” shines. A vibrant bouquet of fresh flowers by Lisa Gloria will brighten any winter day. It’s also a standout of the vignette.

There is plentiful world-class Realist work to take in at Haynes Galleries this winter. It will be a collection brimming with variation and visual interest.