Haynes Galleries presents “Stories that Illuminate”
Thru December 29, 2018

FRANKLIN— Photography’s narrative possibilities are now on view in “Stories that Illuminate,” a special exhibition of photographic prints from the second half of the twentieth century to today. Portraits and landscapes are included, each presenting a portion of a larger story. Artworks by historically significant photographers like as Yousuf Karsh, Joyce Tenneson, Ruth Bernhard, and Richard Avedon are shown alongside contemporary photographers including John Guider and Jerry Atnip. “Stories that Illuminate” is on view through December 29 at Haynes Galleries in Franklin.

The photographs of two fashion-turned-fine art photographers are also included in the show. Richard Avedon helped define American style, beauty, and culture over the course of several decades. When not snapping fashion spreads for the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, Avedon turned his lens to studio portraits of culturally significant figures. His triple portrait of editor Katrina Vanden Heuvel presents a confident, modern woman, with equal parts sensuality and intelligence.

Coreen Simpson used her camera to focus on African-American culture and themes, from everyday events to glamorous spectacles. Her stunning portrait “Ebony” is lusciously reproduced in a chromogenic print yielding incredibly definition and depth of tone.

Several Nashville-area based photographers are also presented, amongst them John Guider, John Baeder, and Jerry Atnip. Each has traveled extensively, capturing the land and people they’ve visited in their signature styles. Baeder turns his attention to mundane and overlooked roadside views in a manner that elicits curiosity about the circumstances that created it. Many of Atnip’s photos came to be during walking trips in and around the city, recording the world around him and discovering “the insignificant things in life that are significant.” During one of his excursions closer to home Guider searched for and found unexpected views of Nashville landmarks like Union Station and the Parthenon.

Joyce Tenneson’s portrait photographs brings a mix of softness and edge to the exhibition. Her images of Suzanne are ethereally lit in shades of pink, purple, and green but the poses and props that accompany each, like a shark’s jaw or snake skeleton, are unexpected and unnerving. Internationally lauded as one of the leading photographers of her generation, Tenneson has had her work published in books and major magazines worldwide.

This special exhibition reveals the possibilities and beauty of narrative photography. Each photograph is meticulously printed to augment the composition of each image, whether in black & white or in color. Dive into unexpected perspectives and stories during “Stories that Illuminate.”