Haynes Galleries presents “Sporting Art”

FRANKLIN— Haynes Galleries is pleased to present the exhibition “Sporting Art.” It features a mix of historic and contemporary artwork following in the grand tradition of sporting art. The media varies with watercolors, plein air oil paintings, and drawings.

Sporting art—both historic and contemporary— now holds an established position in the American art world. The earlier tradition of commercial illustration and prints generated popular images for the masses. Artists like Winslow Homer bridged the gap when sporting art shifted into fine art circles during the turn of the 20th century. Today’s collectors see themselves as custodians of a changing and vanishing part of American history and the natural world.

Although American sporting art collections historical have been built on a foundation of late nineteenth to early twentieth century artists, our collection of the genre has been broadened to include not only some of the best known historical artists like Ogden M. Pleissner but also the work of one of the world’s leading animaliers Count Bernard de Claviére, renowned painter of horses Larry Wheeler, and plein air masters Joseph McGurl’s and Marc Dalessio’s sporting sailboats on mid-coast Maine.

Presented at the gallery, “Sporting Art” can also been seen via a digital exhibition catalog. To see the show, please click here.