Master artist and instructor Michael Siegel to teach painting workshops in New York and Paris

Modern master Michael Siegel’s 2014 workshops will take him across land and sea. Michael will teach a Dutch master-inspired portrait painting workshop at New York’s historic Art Students League in April followed by a figure and still life workshop in Paris in June and July. Using the skills and techniques he’s acquired during a successful career as a contemporary chiaroscuro master, Michael will give invaluable insights into creating powerful and moving paintings.

Michael’s workshop at the Art Students League, “Painting the Portrait: Light and Shadow,” will take place April 28-May 2. It will focus on Dutch Baroque methods and the art of the portrait. Chiaroscuro, the contrast between light and dark and a prominent element in Dutch work of the period, will be stressed. Michael will give demonstrations highlighting the technique’s key elements and provide insight into its effects. Students will then paint from life, gaining a working knowledge and understanding of traditional handmade oil painting mediums at same time.

After a wildly successful workshop in Paris in April 2013, Michael Siegel returns to the city of light to teach workshops on portraits and still lifes. Michael will instruct students in two separate workshops, June 17-26 and July 1-10. During the workshop in a private Parisian studio filled with light, students will be given 8 days of instruction, including private critiques and instructor demos from Michael. Each workshop will focus on both the figure and still life so students can paint the subject they like best and expand their horizons artistically in a single workshop.

Michael, a gifted artist known for his still lifes, portraiture, and figure paintings, has become a modern master of chiaroscuro. After studying under David A. Leffel, Michael moved to Los Angeles where he now works creating dramatic and moving paintings have been exhibited across the U.S. and internationally. His works can be found in the collections of various private and public institutions. Michael is also a sought-after instructor, with workshops taught at the Art Students League, Kline Academy, and the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art.

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