Haynes Galleries presents “Peter Poskas: Timeless Places”
Through August 1, 2018

FRANKLIN— Haynes Galleries is pleased to present “Peter Poskas: Timeless Places,” the luminous landscapes of contemporary American realist Peter Poskas. His paintings of rural coastal communities will be on view through the summer until August 1 at Haynes Galleries in Franklin.

Poskas’ canvases are an ode to rural coastal living with scenes of ocean-front homes, meandering coastlines, and small fishing boats heading out to sea for a day’s work. But the real focus of these paintings are the light and enduring quality of each place. Although Poskas calls Connecticut home, most of the places on view at Haynes Galleries are of Maine in the summertime, a location that has attracted artists for centuries.

Poskas’ take on Maine is to focus on the special, intangible quality of place, the character that emerges once you stay a while. That character is found in the buildings, the land, and the people. Upon first glance they might seem plain but in Poskas’ hands the weathered siding of a seaside cottage relays its history. Or a gathering of tiger lilies recalls the area’s natural and history beauty.

Peter Poskas has mastered every facet of painting the light and feel of the Maine towns, distilling the glow of the afternoon sun into pure pigment and brushstroke. The result is paintings that are simultaneously authentic, mesmerizing, and timeless. Each view could have been painted decades ago or just last week. These paintings are visual poetry through brushstrokes, and on every canvas, Poskas coaxes the extraordinary and beautiful from the ordinary. In doing so, Poskas inspires the viewer to look more closely, linger longer, and escape to a timeless place.