Haynes Galleries presents a January Showcase

Haynes Galleries will ring in the new year with the variety, excellence, and commitment to Realist art for which it has become known. With several vignette shows, Haynes Galleries in January will explore the diversity of Realism today and the skilled artists that make the masterful works. Celebrate the beginning of a new year with a group of artworks that is sure to inspire long into 2015.

“The American Landscape” highlights the endless variety present in contemporary American landscape art. Nancy Depew’s tightly-rendered glimpses into forests amaze with their attention to detail and emotional undercurrent. Linden Frederick’s haunting views of the land surrounding rural towns entice viewers with their mood. But it’s not only nature featured in “The American Landscape.” John Baeder's urban vistas are studies of the gritty but familiar scenes encountered during cross-country drives. They are visions of Americana.

An engrossing vignette of portraits and figurative work, “Celebrating the Best of Contemporary Realism in 2014” revisits the work of young, emerging artists and seasoned veterans like Burton Silverman. Zoey Frank’s explorations evoke the passage of time as her sitters’ movements are recorded in the final painting. Aaron Westerberg’s Self Portrait in Greys is a brooding composition. The artist wearing a winter coat and hat is turned away from the viewer, only the slightest glimpse of his face visible.

In a special collection, Cindy House’s landscapes highlight the New England artist’s immense talent. Pristine woods, flowering fields, and foamy waves crashing onto rocky shores are captured with such detail and splendor that viewers will have trouble believing they are all created in pastel.

A selection of still lifes from some of today’s best Realist artists are included in “Extraordinary Still Lifes.” Artfully arranged compositions of luscious fruit, blooming roses, and even a collection of household knickknacks tell stories or project unique ideas.

After much acclaim “A Treasure Trove of Real Art,” Haynes Galleries’ holiday show, will also be extended until January 17th. A collection of smaller works of all genres, the show proves that art need not be large to be impactful. Much like jewels, the works in this show shine.

With art like this, 2015 is bound to be a great year.