Haynes Galleries presents
“Paul Harmon: Interior Fictions” at University Club of Nashville’s
Lott Gallery Through December 18, 2017

NASHVILLE— Presented by Haynes Galleries, a collection of Paul Harmon’s paintings are now on view in the University Club of Nashville’s Lott Gallery. “Paul Harmon: Interior Fictions” presents a collection of Harmon’s signature works. Harmon’s work will be on view until December 18. 

A native Nashvillian, Paul Harmon has had a multi-decade successful career. His paintings combine art history and cultural references with innovative compositional techniques. The work is in bright, vivid color. From his studio in Brentwood, Harmon is constantly experimenting with his style and different media.

The paintings on view at the University Club are all from recent years, a period of time that has seen Harmon tweaking his signature style of bold outline and stylized representation. Figures float in spaces adorned with still lifes, or above tightly packed houses, or next to animals like foxes or leaping rabbits. References to literature and history run throughout but visually the paintings are mysterious enough to obscure any clear meaning. The openness is deliberate on the part of Harmon who says his paintings have “no stable meaning and viewers much supply their own interpretation.” Aesthetically, the influence of Picasso, Matisse, and other modernists will be apparent in Harmon’s painting to viewers familiar with those greats of the early 20th century. 

Harmon honed his style and ideology during the more than decade he lived in Paris early in his career. Surrounded by Parisian avant-garde artists as well as the influential works from the past Harmon married his own vision with the ideas to which he was exposed to produce a new style that earned him critical acclaim. After exhibiting all over Europe Harmon returned to his home to Tennessee to continue working. Since his return home his work has been documented in two thorough books, “Inner Voices” and “Crossing Borders.” 

Harmon’s work is also the subject an exhibition collaboration between Haynes Galleries and Dane Carder Studios at Houston Station this fall, “Inner Voices & Crossing Borders” which examines work from all stages of Harmon’s career.