Haynes Galleries presents “Paul Harmon:
Inner Voices & Crossing Borders”
Hosted by Dane Carder Studios at Houston Station
October 5 to November 18, 2017
Reception: Thursday, 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm, October 5, 2017

FRANKLIN— Haynes Galleries is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Paul Harmon’s bold and compositionally-creative paintings in a special collaboration with Dane Carder Studios at Houston Station, a growing art community in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood. “Paul Harmon: Inner Voices & Crossing Borders” will feature a selection of new work as well as a collection of work through the years. The exhibition opens October 5 and continues through November 18. An opening reception to celebrate Harmon’s show will also take place on October 5 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

The exhibition will be in the Houston Station Hall Gallery and in Dane Carder Studios. Each area will have a selection of the multimedia works that make up the complete Harmon oeuvre.

A native Nashvillian, Paul Harmon has had a long and fruitful career painting images that combine vivid colors, art historical imagery, and innovative compositional techniques. He honed his style while living in Paris where he received international critical acclaim for his paintings. Over the years the specifics of his style have morphed based on Harmon’s personal interests and influences. He’s played with scale, location, and even coloration to various degrees. The common thread during his six-decade long career has been a hunger to take what he and others have made before and build upon it by tweaking expectations and up-ending traditions.

“Inner Voices & Crossing Borders” will showcase Harmon’s work in two spaces. “Inner Voices” presents works that illustrate Harmon’s fundamental artistic ideas. These are ideas Harmon has adapted from the great modernists that came before him as well as his own concepts. "Inner Voices" will be full of the visual elements that have become hallmarks of his style like references to canonical images and painted frames within compositions. The Yellow Straw Hat is emblematic of one of Harmon’s other notable stylistic choices: the bold outline, here used as a thick white dashed line. Many of these paintings have been completed in the last two years.

“Crossing Borders” will present works where Harmon has pushed his expressions into new territories. Like Picasso before him, Harmon has searched for different ways to express himself over his career. “Crossing Borders” showcases his explorations into new media such as ceramics.

Regardless of when he created the piece or the specific concept he was fine tuning, Harmon has made art that explores all aspects of life, from the mundane and trivial to the monumental and grand. His goal has always been to paint life and since life is full of moments big and small, Harmon’s art is too. He has said himself, “My work is a personal journal of my life. It is therefore both serious and frivolous. Joyous and melancholic. Spiritual and erotic. The continuity is in the fact that it tracks a real life.”

Harmon is still based in the Nashville area. Hard at work from his home in Brentwood, he keeps his finger on the pulse of contemporary visual arts so he can present his own perspective.

“Paul Harmon: Inner Voices & Crossing Borders” will showcase one of Nashville’s great artistic voices. Paul Harmon has been committed to his art for decades, always pushing and experimenting. His voice will be centerstage his fall.