Haynes Galleries presents
“Richard Greathouse: Mystery & Sensitivity”
Through the End of the Summer

FRANKLIN— Richard Greathouse’s new Florentine paintings have arrived at Haynes Galleries in Franklin. “Richard Greathouse: Mystery & Sensitivity” showcases these new thematic paintings as well as some of the finest portraits from earlier in his career. This highlight of Greathouse’s paintings is on view through the end of the summer in Franklin.

The signature attention to light and the modeling of skin that features so prominently in Greathouse’s earlier paintings is still apparent in his freshest compositions but he’s changed the tone to explore more thematic ideas by incorporating costuming, symbolic elements, and narrative poses. Figures are posed in drapery and with headdresses like in La Giovane Dottoressa or with mysterious and ominous skeletons as in Pagan Vanitas.

Greathouse was rigorously trained in the style of the Old Masters at the Florence Academy of Art where he mastered the technical aspects of classical painting. For the past decade he has created portraits and figurative works that emphasize anatomy, chiaroscuro lighting, and contemplative views.

The mix of technical ability and modern sensibilities are what have led to Greathouse’s rise in acclaim in recent years. He is eagerly collected by discerning portrait collectors and his work has been exhibited across the U.S. and Italy.

Of his output, Greathouse says “The reason I have been focusing on portraits, is simply because that it was inspires me most: for me portraits are a wonderful way to revel in the mystery of existence.” The connection he makes with the other person while sitting together during a portrait session is unique. “I find it to be a wonderful sort of ‘active meditation’ that lets me get lost in that moment,” Greathouse admits.

It’ll be easy for visitors to also get lost in Greathouse’s portrait this summer at Haynes Galleries.