Haynes Galleries presents “Paul Harmon: Exotic Journeys”

FRANKLIN— Haynes Galleries is pleased to present the exhibition “Paul Harmon: Exotic Journeys.” It features brand new paintings from Nashville-area painter and modern master Paul Harmon as well as some of his most outstanding previous paintings.

The journey never ends for Paul Harmon. His creative odyssey has lasted decades, taking him around the world, and on a never-ending quest to creative new, innovative paintings. Harmon’s latest paintings are bold, graphic, colorful, and stylized. The paintings reveal an exploration of interiors scenes like still lifes, figural studies, and even combinations of the two. The physical boundaries of the natural world don’t hamper a composition.

Well-versed in the artistic legacy of painting, Harmon has taken what others have done before him and made it his own. He references literature, authors, and other painters. Objects and scenes are identifiable but his style is distinctive as is his voice. Thick lines, decorative patterns, and large sections of color make every Harmon painting pop. They also make them memorable. Viewers are taken on a new journey with every canvas.

A native Nashvillian, Paul Harmon has had a long and fruitful career painting images that combine vivid colors, art historical imagery, and innovative compositional techniques. He honed his style while living in Paris where he received international critical acclaim for his paintings. Over the years the specifics of his style have morphed based on Harmon’s personal interests and influences. He’s played with scale, location, and even coloration to various degrees. The common thread during his six-decade long career has been a hunger to take what he and others have made before and build upon it by tweaking expectations, up-ending traditions, and forging new paths.

Presented entirely in the gallery, “Paul Harmon: Exotic Journeys” can also be seen via a digital exhibition catalog. To see the show, please click here.