Haynes Galleries presents “Black and White”
Virtual Exhibition

FRANKLIN— Haynes Galleries is pleased to present the virtual exhibition “Black and White.” It features paintings, drawings, photographs, and prints that showcase the dramatic qualities and stunning impact of the monochromatic palette.

It is a diverse exhibition in subject matter. There are introspective portraits of familiar faces (think presidents and prime ministers), gritty street scenes, and historic studies. But they share the sheer beauty and simplicity of black and white. They reveal an entire spectrum from the deepest black in a shadow to a streak of white as a highlight, and everything in between.

The show also includes local but acclaimed artists like John Baeder who translates his Americana roadside culture images into mezzotint prints. Internationally admired photographer Yousuf Karsh, photographer of heads of state, adventurers, athletes, and artists is also presented in his imposing photo of Winston Churchill.

“Black and White” offers a refreshing new look at a habitually overlooked approach to making fine art, one that inspired artists for centuries and continues to be a source of the most compelling work of the 21st.

Presented entirely online, “Black and White” can been seen via a digital exhibition catalog. To see the show, please click here.