Gallery Artists Hosting Workshops & Expeditions Across the Country and Internationally for 2016

Many of the galleries’ most prolific and talented artists are sharing their artistic knowledge in 2016. Through various workshops and painting expeditions, aspiring artists or those looking to fine tune their skills can learn from the likes of TJ Cunningham, Roger Dale Brown, and Katherine Stone how to improve their painting, drawing, and sculpting. All genres— portrait, landscape, and still lifes— are all on the schedule so no matter what an artist’s interest, there’s a workshop for it. They are also taking place all across the country and internationally too for those looking for an adventure as well as an artistic learning experience.

More information, including class specifics, prices, materials, and artistic level, can be found on each artist’s website.

Gary Akers
Maine Watercolor Workshop, St. George, Maine, June 6-10
Maine Watercolor Workshop, St. George, Maine, September 12-16
Maine Egg Tempera Workshop, St. George, Maine, June 13-17
Maine Egg Tempera Workshop, St. George, Maine, September 19-23

Bo Bartlett
Master Class, Columbus, Georgia, March 18-19

Casey Baugh
Four Day Figure Painting Workshop, Hollywood, CA, July 18-21
Three Day Charcoal Workshop, Hollywood, CA, July 25-27

Suchitra Bhosle
Three Day Painting Workshop, Dickinson, TX, May 20-23

Roger Dale Brown
Studio Landscape Workshop, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Feb 17-20, 20-25
3 Day Plein Air Workshop, New Iberia, LA, March 21-23
First Brush of Spring New Harmony Workshops, New Harmony Gallery, IN, April 25-28
Four Day “Process” Workshop, New Hope, PA, May 16-19
Four Day Studio Landscape Workshop, Nashville, June 22-25
Four Day “Process” Workshop, Beaufort, SC, September 7-10
Four Day Studio Landscape Workshop, Pontotoc, MS, September 23-26

Casey Childs
Three Day Portrait Painting Workshop, Purcellville, VA, April 18-20
Three Day Portrait Painting Workshop, Purcellville, VA, April 21-23

Angela Cunningham
Three Month Drawing & Painting Intensive, Bruges, Belgium, March, April, & May

TJ Cunningham
Painting the Vermont Landscape, Middlebury, VT, June 24-26
Summer’s Subtly: A Woodland Workshop, Manchester, VT, July 22-24
Plein Air Workshop, Lowell, MI, August 4-6
Alla Prima Portrait Manchester, VT, September 2-4
Elements of the Landscape, Charleston, SC, October 3-5
The Figure En Plein Air, Nashville, TN, October 28- 29
Plein Air Painting, Huntsville, Alabama, November 4-6

Marc Dalessio
Plein Air Landscape Workshop, Southern Pines, NC, April 25-29
Plein Air Landscape Workshop with Daniela Astone, Tuscany, Italy, September 3-11

Donald Demers
Land, Sea, and Sky Painting Workshop Series, Venice, FL, March 14-19

Kerry Dunn
Portrait Painting Workshop, Albuquerque, NM, March 7-11
Portrait Painting Workshop, Seattle, WA, April 4-8
Advanced Figure Painting Workshop, Philadelphia, PA, August 15-19
Portrait Painting Workshop, Huntsville, AL, August 24-28
Portrait Painting Workshop Long Pose, October 17-21

Alia El-Bermani
Alla Prima Flower Painting Workshop, Raleigh, NC, April 9

Alan LeQuire
Mold Making- Sculpting the Portrait in Clay, Nashville, TN, July 18 & 19
The Figure in Clay, Oak Ridge, TN, August 1 & 2

Jeremy Lipking
5 Day Sierra Nevada Landscape Painting Workshop, Eastern Sierras, CA, June 22-26

Susan Lyon and Scott Burdick
Four Day Workshop Oil Painting, New Harmony, IN, April 25-28
Five Day Painting the Portrait in Oil Class, San Francisco CA, May 9-13
How to Master “Painting Models in a Scene”, October 23-28
Painting the Model in a Scene, Winston Salem, NC, October 31- November 3

Joseph McGurl
Art of the Carolinas, Raleigh, NC, November, 2016
Three-Day Plein Air Painting on Cape Cod, Cataumet, MA, September 16-18

Teresa Oaxaca
“A Day Out with Sargent, Thayer, Whistler & Comany,” Washington, DC, March 13
Portrait Painting; A Two Day Alla Prima Workshop, Alexandria VA, March 19 & 20
Painting The Portrait in Two Stages, Nashville, May 2-5
Four Day Alla Prima, Portrait Painting Workshop, Boston MA, June 24-27
Classical Portraiture with Still Life, Bruges, Belgium, August 1-26
Workshop Dibujo (Drawing), Seville, Spain, September 2-4
Painting Workshop, Holland, October 3-7
Workshop, Blair, SC, November 3-6
3 Day Floral Painting Workshop, Sarasota, FL, January 27-February 9

Alicia Ponzio
Portrait Modeling from Life, Miami, FL, October 10-14

Cindy Procious
Contemporary Still Life, Ashburn, VA, June 24-28
Still Life Intensive, Bruges, Belgium May 2-27
Cherished Memories: Painting the Still Life, Charleston, SC, October 3-5

Anthony Ryder Figure Drawing Workshop, Santa Fe, NM, June 6-17 Portrait Drawing Workshop, Santa Fe, NM, June 20-July 1 Portrait Painting Workshop, Santa Fe, NM, July 4-15

Michael Siegel
Portrait and Still-Life, Sacramento, CA, April 26-26
Intensive 5-day Workshop, Arizona, January 9-13

Katherine Stone
3 Day Alla Prima Portrait in Oils, Duncan, BC, June 8-10
2 Day Portrait in Charcoal and White Chalk, Duncan, BC, June 17-18
5 Day Portrait in Oils, Duncan, BC, June 20-24
6 Day Textural Still Life in Oils, Duncan, BC, July 11-16
5 Day Still Life in Oils, Duncan, BC, July 25-29
Textural Still Life Workshop, Florence, Italy, October 10-21