“Art Nashville” has created lots of interest locally and from our Music City visitors, so it has been extended until September 26

NASHVILLE— Haynes Galleries’ summer show of all things Nashville has been extended. After a summer full of enthusiastic guests, from Music City and those visiting from out of town, “Art Nashville” will continue until September 26. The extension will be celebrated with several art talks and events from the very artists represented in the show.

“Art Nashville” is a show full of Music City’s most acclaimed contemporary Realists. These artists hold Nashville close to their hearts. They were born and raised here, hold the city close to their heart, or have decided to make it their permanent home. With works ranging from poetic black & white photography and elegant still lifes to ceramic trompe l’oeil sculptures, “Art Nashville” will enthrall guests with the variety and master craftsmanship that Nashville’s best artists are creating.

Jody Thompson has been a prominent artist and instructor in the Nashville-area for nearly 15 years. He paints detailed, sensitive, and sometimes quirky still lifes of everyday objects. Thompson has a keen talent for composing a visually engaging arrangement, no matter how simple or complex.

Guests are bound to do a double take when seeing Catherine Moberg’s sculptures. Made from clay and molded and painted to resemble ordinary objects, Moberg’s sculptures stun with their veracity. Moberg arranges them in a narrative fashion, paying close attention to the details of shape, texture, and color.

John Baeder garnered international acclaim for his unidealized American diner scenes in the late 20th century. “Art Nashville” features Baeder’s photography where he captures the spirit and country grit of Nashville. In his photographs longtime residents of the city might recognize restaurants and neighborhood spots that have long since disappeared. 

Alan LeQuire’s figure sculptures will be peppered throughout the gallery, just as they can be found installed throughout Nashville. LeQuire comes from a line of artistic Nashvillians, and studied at Vanderbilt before going off to France and Italy to continue his education in bronze casting. 

“Art Nashville” is a celebration of artists of many trades. From John Guider’s captivating photography and Alan LeQuire’s bronze figures, to Richard Greathouse’s Old Master inspired paintings, art of all sorts is represented. With art that is of an international caliber, “Art Nashville” is sure to please the native and visiting audiences.