Jeremy Lipking


The success of artist Jeremy Lipking is nothing short of epic – he has quickly become one of America’s premier Realist artists, with a natural talent that surpasses most artists of his generation. Remarkably, Lipking is primarily self-taught, citing Sargent, Sorrello, Zorn, Schmid, Payne, and Henri, among others, as having a major influence on his work. He works in the tradition of late 19th-century American masters, and his subjects include portraiture, landscape, and the female nude, all painted in a realist vein. Through his careful balance of tones and hues, he creates striking psychological moods, veering toward notions of the sublime in landscapes, while his portraits and nudes evoke complex psychodramas rooted in agony, contemplation, and intimacy. Lipking achieves these effects through the technical mastery of his medium, manipulating the lustrous qualities of oil paint into hyperrealist depictions of people and places, many of them located in the western United States.