Haynes Galleries Closing Early This Summer due to Road Work

THOMASTON— Haynes Galleries will close for the summer earlier than previously planned. The final day to visit the gallery in Thomaston will be Saturday, September 17. The early seasonal closure is due to the road construction on Route 1/Main Street in Thomaston. All the gallery’s exhibitions— “Zoey Frank: Connections & Changes,” “Roger Dale Brown: A Passion for Painting,” and “Stories in Paint”— will be on view through the 17th. The gallery is open everyday from 9am to 5pm until the closing. The gallery will also happily take appointments.

While no one likes road construction, the crews of the Thomaston Route 1 Project have made daily life much more bearable. They have been helpful and accommodating to gallery visitors and Thomaston’s residents through the many weeks of work. The businesses and people of Thomaston have also made these summer months as pleasant as possible by exhibiting enormous patience with each other. 

Finally, we’d like to thank and celebrate the loyalty of all the people who weathered the construction storm to visit not only the gallery but also shop, eat, and experience all the wonderful things Thomaston has to offer. We look forward to seeing everyone again during the 2017 season and to seeing the lovely streetscape with fresh pavement, wider lanes with sidewalks on both sides, and lots of curb appeal with native granite edging.