Alicia Ponzio to give Art Talk with Paul Polycarpou
Saturday, January 9, 10am to Noon

NASHVILLE— On the morning of January 9, internationally-renowned sculptress Alicia Ponzio will give an Art Talk at the gallery about her emotive bronze sculptures. Paul Polycarpou, publisher of Nashville Arts Magazine and good friend to the gallery, will lead the talk. Alicia will give insight into her creative process, from an idea’s inception to its design on paper and in clay to its final form. During the talk Alicia and Paul will discuss her sources of inspiration and process in front of several of her most stunning pieces. They will also gladly take questions from guests. The discussion begins at 10 am and continues until Noon and is free and open to the public.

Based in San Francisco, Alicia produces some of contemporary Realism’s most impressive sculptures. They have been described as pure psychology in form. She uses the language of the figure to speak of emotional experiences and is drawn to subject matter that's empathic and timeless. Drawing from personal experiences, Alicia hopes that the viewer will in turn feel an emotional connection to the piece. In her artistic process she begins working from a live model but eventually allows her imagination to finish the piece, rendering it a purely “psychological portrait.” The finished sculptures vary in size from just a couple feet tall to over life size.

Trained at the Florence Academy of Art, Alicia immersed herself in the aesthetic of Classical and Renaissance art and in the study of anatomy. In the following years, she mastered the techniques of bronze casting allowing for her work to be technically superb and expressively complex. She was even invited back to the Florence Academy to be the Director of Artistic Anatomy and Écorché Sculpture for several years.

Recently Alicia has begun to push herself into new mediums, experimenting with combinations of wood, plaster, and silver. “For the past few years,” she says, “I’ve been focusing on expanding my skills and learning more about materials to broaden my vocabulary, to open my mind to new possibilities.”

From her studio in San Francisco she now creates her award-winning sculptures that have been exhibited is across the U.S. and abroad. She also teaches her craft to the next generation of sculptors during workshops both at home and around the country. In addition Alicia travels frequently to source many of her own materials like the marble bases that supplement the beauty of her sculptures.