Sculptress Alicia Ponzio & Maestro Giancarlo Guerrero Lead a >
Night of Music & Art Conversation at Haynes Galleries

FRANKLIN— On January 10th Haynes Galleries hosted a special evening with sculptress Alicia Ponzio and Nashville Symphony maestro and music director Giancarlo Guerrero. Invited guests enjoyed a special Music & Art Talk where Alicia and Giancarlo discussed Alicia’s in-progress portrait bust of Giancarlo which was commissioned by a Nashville Symphony patron. The portrait is to be displayed at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center upon completion.

During the Conversation Alicia, an extremely accomplished sculptress recognized widely for her cast bronze work, described the process of creating Giancarlo’s commissioned bust from her initial meeting with Giancarlo where she both photographed and sketched him in clay and got to know him personally to the work that she has completed so far at her studio in San Francisco. Alicia elaborated on the work to come which includes the casting and the final polishing. Giancarlo, who has been with the Nashville Symphony for nearly ten years, recounted his side of the process, particularly his sitting session with Alicia in August of last year.

Guests, who included members of Nashville’s classical music and visual arts community, relished the night’s conversation, offering up questions and thoughts to Alicia and Giancarlo. Before they sat for the conversation all attendees mingled and enjoyed wine & hors d’oeuvres served by Kristen Winston Catering in the intimate, home-like setting of Haynes Galleries in Franklin where a collection of Alicia’s bronze and plaster sculptures are currently featured in the “American Classics” exhibition.

Alicia’s finished bust of Giancarlo is expected to be unveiled at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in the fall of 2018.