Haynes Galleries 2016 Summer Season
June Through September, 2016

THOMASTON— The summer of 2016 promises to be the best yet at Haynes Galleries. With four different exhibitions and special events throughout the summer, there will be plenty of variety and lots to see and do. The Thomaston gallery opens June 30 and closes September 24 so stop by midcoast Maine gallery to see some of the country’s best Realist art. All exhibitions and receptions are free and open to the public.

The summer opens with two shows at opposite ends of the style spectrum. Opening June 30 and continuing until August 13 are “John Baeder: Work from 1962 to 2015” and “Teresa Oaxaca: Exuberance.” A joint opening reception will take place the evening of June 30 from 5 to 7:30 pm.

“John Baeder: Work from 1962 to 2015” will present the oil paintings, watercolors, and travel and still life photographs— all in the Realist tradition— that Baeder has produced during the course of his incredibly productive life as a fine artist. With an emphasis on detail, storytelling, and strong, clear graphics, Baeder’s images have subtly conveyed what has been at the heart of each of his subjects, whether it is small-town America, classic aircraft, or the roadside diners for which he is most known. This career retrospective will include many of his early travel & postcard based paintings, several of his latest monochromatic endeavors, and a collection of Baeder’s personal memorabilia that will further immerse guests into the world of John Baeder.

Running simultaneously will be “Teresa Oaxaca: Exuberance.” A contemporary artist unlike any other, Oaxaca’s colorful neo-Baroque figurative paintings will keep visitors on their toes. Many adjectives can be used to describe her work— playful, theatrical, magical, feminine, escapist— but no single descriptor perfectly encapsulates her elaborate compositions. Costumed and heavily made up figures reminiscent of Rococo, Victorian, or Romantic characters are paired with still life elements to create pastel-hued vignettes of drama. They are visually unlike any other work being created today, a testament to Oaxaca’s vision as an artist.

For the second half of the season, the gallery will once again present two solo shows. From August 19 to September 24 the gallery will feature “Zoey Frank: Connections & Changes” and “Roger Dale Brown: A Passion for Painting.” These shows will be feted with a reception on August 19 from 5 to 7:30pm.

In the past couple of years Zoey Frank has begun to explore human interaction and change in her paintings. Her latest figurative works, which will be on display during “Zoey Frank: Connections & Changes,” explore specific events in Frank’s life but the content is open enough for viewers to connect with because of their inclusion of underlying universal feelings. Another prominent theme in Frank’s new work is change, specifically how paintings change over the period time she works on them. In her figurative work, a model’s pose can be adjusted over the course of several sittings. In a cityscape, it’s how the skyline grows with each passing day. Frank’s new paintings are a clear indication of her bright future and her summer show will be the platform for guests to soak it all in. 

Running concurrently with Frank’s exhibition is “Roger Dale Brown: A Passion for Painting.” In his return to the Thomaston gallery, Roger Dale Brown is once again bringing with him his newest landscapes and seascapes of Maine’s natural beauty. Maine has been inspiring Brown for several years now. With his brushes Brown captures what is so difficult to express in words about Maine— its enchanting light, the variety of its coastline, the feeling of history throughout the state. He uses a controlled mix of Realism and Impressionism for each scene, varying his brushstrokes, and layering on the paint thick or thin depending on the vista. The result is paintings that astound with their authenticity and emotion.

With these varied and special shows at Haynes Galleries, the 2016 summer season is certain to be an artful one on the midcoast. This is a series of “must see” creatively curated shows.