Haynes Galleries presents “Luminous Light & Reflections” during
“Upstairs at 91 Main Street in Thomason”
Through August 13, 2016

THOMASTON— In addition to presenting “Teresa Oaxaca: Exuberance” and “John Baeder: Work from 1961 to 2015”, Haynes Galleries is also showing “Luminous Light & Reflections” in the upstairs space. The show presents land and seascapes that capture the beauty and narrative abilities of nature with an emphasis on Maine landscapes. The show will be on view until August 13 at Haynes Galleries in Thomaston. Housed in a beautifully restored 19th century sea captain’s house, Haynes Galleries is full of great art, and this summer the upstairs galleries offer fresh, new work and roundup a showcase of some of America's the finest Realists. 

Capturing the mesmerizing effects of natural light on the land and sea can be excruciatingly difficult for painters. It has taunted artists for centuries. But in “Luminous Light & Reflections,” it has been done with expert flair by some of the most talented and perceptive landscape artists active today. 

William Bracken, a watercolor artist living in Maine, expertly captures the simple serenity of a New England coastline. The composition of Island, Sea Harbor Maine is cut by the shoreline, right across the middle. A big block of cool water meets the island, dappled with expressive trees. It is this type of reduced depiction of nature that gets to its essence. 

Joseph McGurl’s Morning Light on the Coast of Maine radiates the light of the rising sun. McGurl depicts the light’s reflection as is hits the calm water. The scene has serenity and texture. McGurl’s interest in physics and the nature of reality, coupled with his artistic prowess, are the source of his bewitching landscapes. He maintains a modernist’s graphic design sensibility but he remains true to nature. A plein air devotee, McGurl does not photograph his subjects so he can fully immerse himself in the place and time of the landscapes he paintings. This way, he gains a deeper understanding of his subject. 

“Luminous Light & Reflections” showcases seascapes as well as glorious landscapes and quaint country scenes. Eric Sloane was well-known for his large body of work marked by New England landscapes, “barn portraits,” billowing skies, and western scenes. Summer Harvest is a gem among his landscape scenes. It depicts a hard day’s work on an open field, with a trademark tremendous blue sky for the background. 

Marc Dalessio has traveled the world painting beautiful outdoor scenery. From ancient piazzas in Italy to tropical beaches in the South Pacific, Dalessio has recorded it all in paint. In the last two years, this master of plein air painting has turned his eye towards Maine. During a trip in 2015 and 2016, Dalessio painted— in his quick and expressive style— some very Maine scenes but also images year-round residents of the Pine Tree State would recognize. 

Renowned contemporary artist Linden Frederick has a different approach to landscapes. While people are rarely seen in his paintings, their presence is always felt as if just out of view. Frederick is a master of the untold story and there’s always a touch of intrigue in his meticulously painted works. The mystery lies in what just happened, what is about to happen, or what might have been. Frederick uses the land and the light to add narrative tension as in 10 O’Clock News where the silhouettes of homes and a towering tree are made out thanks to a setting sun barely resting above the horizon. It’s a scene of uncertainty in an innocent enough setting. 

Quick and gestural. Smooth and still. Textured and imposing. The range of the landscape paintings in “Luminous Light & Reflections” will pleasantly surprise. These works are much more than paintings of pretty places. They are portraits of a place during a particular moment in time and all the emotion that accompanied it.