Haynes Galleries presents “Harvey Peterson’s Whimsical
Folk Art Figures & Maine Monoprints”
July 6 to September 9, 2017
Reception: Thursday, 5 pm to 7:30 pm, July 6, 2017

THOMASTON— Harvey Peterson, one of Maine’s most creative artists, will exhibit for the first time in years this summer at Haynes Galleries. “Harvey Peterson’s Whimsical Folk Art Figures & Maine Monoprints” will showcase Peterson’s most well-known work— his contemporary folk art sculptures— as well as his monoprint views of Maine. The exhibition begins July 6 and continues until September 9 in Thomaston. A reception to celebrate the opening will take place the evening of July 6, from 5 to 7:30 pm.

For the last twenty years Harvey Peterson has been one of Maine’s most intriguing artists. For decades he has melded folk art with fine art. Peterson is inspired by the individuality and character of the unique figure-based antiques and folk art he sees around the state, items like weather vanes, figureheads, and limberjacks. He translates the gestural essence and whimsy of these originals into his own larger, more artful figures. Peterson creates his figure sculptures out of simple materials like wood, fabric and paper ephemera and then finishes them with paint and stain. They are entirely new compositions which Peterson calls contemporary folk art sculptures. Each sculpture walks the line between folk and fine art, and presents an individual character or story.

Before Peterson was a sculptor, though, he was a painter. In fact, he still primarily considers himself a painter. His visions of Maine are created through the monoprinting process which combines painting with printing. Peterson paints an image on plexiglass in oils then places paper on top and tightly & thoroughly burnishes the paper. The image transfers to the paper, bringing with it the expressiveness of Peterson’s brushstrokes. His preferred imagery for these prints are views of Maine, around his home and the places he knows. He aims to bring his day-to-day life experiences into the work with a degree of naturalism but also personal artistry.

“Harvey Peterson’s Whimsical Folk Art Figures & Maine Monoprints” is an exclusive opportunity to view the art of a Maine creative force. Peterson’s contemporary folk art sculptures elevate everyday creativity to a higher level and his monoprints present the land through a seldom seen medium. Explore Peterson’s voice & vision this summer at Haynes Galleries.