Challenges, Changes & New Directions for Haynes Galleries in Nashville & Maine in 2017

Every January brings new opportunities, blessings, and changes for everyone, and I want to share some of those changes that will be taking place in our Nashville and Maine galleries in the new year.

As with all changes, timing is everything. In Nashville, our lease is up on March the 1st and we have decided to move back to our private gallery that is located in a wonderful gated community just south of Nashville —the place where we started in 2009. Visiting the gallery will be just like visiting your neighbor — just give us a call and come on over. You’ll love our space—a three-story house filled with exquisite art.

Or if you prefer, let us come visit with you. We can discuss your art wants and needs and make a few recommendations. As you might imagine, we really enjoy providing creative solutions that work for you.

If you’re not in the Nashville area, visit our website at We will happily provide particulars on any of our artists’ latest works.

Meanwhile back in Maine, with the road improvements continuing and our street parking eliminated, our parking area will be somewhat limited. During our gallery openings, there will be plenty of public parking behind the town village or at the library just down the street. As summer approaches, we will give you updates and a more detailed traffic report.

As always, with change comes opportunities. It’s no secret that the art world is in a state of transformation. We are always thinking about how to better present our talented artists and their exceptional work. We plan to emphasize our new Art Concierge and Advisory Services, along with creating extra-special art events and orchestrating “pop-up” galleries in unexpected places. We will also place more emphasis on our online strategies. We hope you will give our new exciting approaches a try.

As we move forward, our goal continues to be to represent the best group of emerging contemporary artists in the country along with offering some of the finest traditional American Realism. We look forward to serving you in 2017 in new and creative ways. I welcome your inquiries anytime at 615.430.8147, as does John Erwin, our Gallery Director, or any of our Associates at 615.312.7000. We hope to see you very soon!