Haynes Galleries presents “Roger Dale Brown: Maine Light”
July 2 to August 8 2015
Reception: Thursday, 5 p.m. to 7:30 pm, July 2, 2015

THOMASTON— The summer season at Haynes Galleries begins with Roger Dale Brown’s paintings of the glorious light in Maine in his show “Roger Dale Brown: Maine Light.” Brown’s landscapes & seascapes will be on view from July 2 through August 8 at 91 Main Street in Thomaston. An opening reception will be held July 2, from 5 to 7:30 pm, with Brown in attendance to celebrate. Both the exhibition and reception are free and open to the public. 

The morning after the opening on July 3, Brown will give an artist talk at the gallery followed by a demonstration, weather permitting. The event will begin at 10am and continue until noon. During the talk & demo, Brown will take questions from fellow artists and art lovers. 

No stranger to Maine, Brown has traveled to the midcoast several times in the last few years to paint the coast’s famous light. Its effect on the trees, rocks, water, and the atmosphere keep bringing him back. For Brown, there’s never a shortage of engaging vistas to paint because the enchanting light is everywhere.

And friend of Brown for many years, gallery founder Gary R. Haynes understands the magnetism that is Maine. “It’s an artist’s dream here,” says Haynes. “Roger really does something amazing with this place. He takes that special quality, the one we all have a hard time putting into words, and puts it down in paint. He freezes it, but the paintings still look so full of life.”

Brown’s new paintings are the result of an expansion of Brown’s artistic horizons. While earlier in his career he almost exclusively painted outdoors, Brown has begun to move indoors so he can work on a larger scale. While on location he creates detailed oil studies, takes careful notes, and photographs his subject. He then combines his source materials in his studio to create larger paintings, many reaching 5 feet in length.

The larger paintings lead to a more immersive experience. Viewers will feel the last warmth of the day and be enveloped by the boundless orange sky of Monhegan Sunset. They’ll hear the creak of dories and the dock below their feet when they look upon Before the Day Begins.

But Brown’s paintings are much more than extraordinary and charming vistas captured in oil. They are souvenirs of places visited, time spent, and emotions felt. The paintings capture those intangible qualities because Brown values the experience as much as he values the visual. The mood Brown felt the day he painted and the memory he associates with it are imbedded in the painting. It’s a difficult task, but one Brown is able to accomplish through years of painting on location and a commitment to always pushing himself to do better.

For Brown, doing better sometimes means tweaking his style. In recent years that has meant incorporating impressionism, looser brushstrokes, and an emphasis on texture into his painting style and process. Whatever is needed to imbed the painting with emotion and remain true to the real scene is what Roger does.

And therein lies the thrill of “Roger Dale Brown: Maine Light”- an expertly crafted combination of light, emotion, craft, and passion for both Maine and images that endure long beyond their initial viewing.