Stephanie Deshpande

b. 1975

Stephanie Deshpande is a representational painter living in northern New Jersey. Well known for her psychological portraits and narrative paintings, Stephanie Deshpande creates paintings that unearth hidden emotions and capture the quiet drama of the world around her. Often using her daughter as a model for her compositions, her realistic characters are mysterious and draw the viewer in. “I’m an impulsive painter,” says Deshpande. “Once I have an idea in mind, it’ll only take me a few hours to complete the underpainting.” After the initial sketches she then paints the midtones and shadows, before blocking in the main colors. This impulsive way of creating art is what makes up her famously dark and warm portraits.

Deshpande graduated from University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a BFA in Painting and continued her studies at the New York Academy of Art earning her MFA. In 2015, she was selected to paint Myra Thomas, one of the “Emmanuel Nine”, as tribute to the nine lost in the Charleston church shooting in 2015. Her paintings have appeared in several issues of Poets and Artists Magazine and in the book 21st Century Figurative Art: The Resurrection of Art by Jan Esmann. She enjoys teaching classes and workshops at the Teaching Studios of Art, Chelsea Classical Studio, and other venues in the New York City area. Her painting “Assembling the Pieces” has recently been acquired by the New Britain Museum of American Art for their Post Contemporary room.