Paul Harmon

b. 1939

Paul Harmon is a born and bred Nashvillian, and he still makes his home just south of the city in Brentwood. But his art, with its signature painted outlines and vivid colors, has taken him around the world. Accolades came early in Paul’s professional career with praise from fellow artists and solo shows not only at multiple Nashville venues but also in New York and Washington.

In the early 1980s, Paul’s paintings took a new direction when he began using stencils. They became such a profound part of his paintings that his style— colorful, graphic, and influenced by art history but with a contemporary twist— was immediately recognizable. For the next decade, Paul split his time between his home in Brentwood and his studio in Paris where he experienced the art world’s avant-garde. His own work flourished in this culturally-rich environment, and Paul received many prestigious honors during his time in Paris.

Now back in Brentwood full time, Paul is still hard at work painting. He no longer uses the stencils but heavy painted lines persist as his hallmark. They are less restrictive now; his subjects can wander beyond the lines. Eager to keep going, Paul keeps his finger on the pulse of contemporary visual arts so he can present his own perspective on today’s trends.